Boston Globe

 "Kolker, a contributing editor at New York magazine who has written about the murders in those pages, draws us in with his captivating storyteller’s voice.... Book Two is where “Lost Girls” becomes hard to put down: an intrigue about Oak Beach that has echoes of Kitty Genovese, and of the Hatfields and McCoys. Who knew what, and who did what, the morning that Shannan Gilbert was desperate for their help? Did the local doctor kill her, as some of his neighbors insist? Why, exactly, did the doctor call Gilbert’s mother after the escort disappeared, then deny having done so? And how badly did law enforcement drop the ball on those five murders? Kolker can only try to answer those questions. But his convincing takeaway is both an indictment — of all of us, for our role as societal bystanders to prostitution — and a challenge."

- Laura Collins-Hughes, BOSTON GLOBE